Celebrating 10th year Anniversary of FusionFall! New items and vehicles! – EVENT! – FusionFall Retro

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Happy 10th anniversary FusionFall! Come and play in this new event!

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Vintage Sewing Pattern Montage / Sewing Pattern Lookbook / Celebrating the style of a time gone by

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Vintage Sewing Pattern Montage / Sewing Pattern Lookbook

Sewing Pattern Art from yesteryear. Celebrating the style, the colors, the women, the artists of a time gone by.
Are you old enough to remember spending time with your Mommy, Auntie or Gram at the fabric store pouring through all the sewing pattern books? There was a time – before photography was used for cover art that illustrators would render the images and cover art. The colors, patterns and talent have always amazed me.
Did you ever where a handmade outfit from these old sewing patterns? Have a special memory that you would like to share? Leave a comment.