Vintage Crossdressers, Amazing Beauties from the Past

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Crossdressers from 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and some from 90’s.

Pass As Woman With Real Hair Blonde Wig:

BEST Crossdressing Hip Pads:

Super Realistic Breast forms:

Shape Your Feminine Waist:

Cover Facial Hair with Kryolan Paint Stick

Book For Happy Crossdressing Family:

This channel expresses the glamour, the femininity, the style, the grace and the beauty in both genders.

More Timeless Beauties 1900 – Antique Photos of Children

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Rare 1900’s Beauties Edwardian Era Women Glamour Fashion Vintage Clothes, Hair & Hats

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These cards show beautiful, fashionable women from the Edwardian era. You can see the clothes, hats and styles that were popular during the 1900s among actresses, dancers and music hall artitsts.

Title: Beauties with Playing Card Inset (Tobacco Leaf back)
Manufacturer: British American Tobacco Company (BAT)
Year of Issue: 1908
Number of Cards in Set: 52

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Intro music by Kevin MacLeod.