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This is a story all about how… I THRIFTED AN AUTHENTIC CHANEL DRESS. What’s the most expensive/designer item you thrifted? I also think I could have profited more had I started at higher bidding price. But lesson learned! Follow me on Instagram
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Rita Hayworth 1940’s Waves-The Authentic Way

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This is an advanced vintage style, in that it will require some pin curling skills. Once you have that down, you’ll be able to knock this out easily. If pin curling is no fun for you, try one of my two roller tutorials for this style, which aren’t as authentic but still have the same effect.
Pin Curling tutorials:

and Part 2:

My first Rita INspired tutorial:
(deleted for copyright issues)
My wet set roller tutorial:
(deleted for copyrighted issues)

I’ve Got a Crush On You by: Anthony Warlow…the greatest thing to come out of Australia since the Pavlova. 🙂

Behringer VD1 VINTAGE DISTORTION Authentic Vintage-Style Distortion / Sustainer Demonstration Review

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Demo Behringer VINTAGE DISTORTION VD1 Authentic Vintage-Style Distortion / Sustainer pedal (Guitar Stompbox) from and
Behringer VD 1
Here’s an authentic, classic distortion effect—the warm and emotive tone that has ruled rock for the last 30 years. This BEHRINGER product has been designed to compete head to head with leading products on the market. With the dedicated Sustain control, your guitar will learn how to scream! You get a status LED for effect, and there is a true hard-wire bypass for ultimate in signal integrity. The VD1 runs on a 9 V battery or a DC power supply (not included).

Authentic Vintage 1950’s Halter Swing Dress

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Authentic Vintage 1950’s Halter Swing Dress 👒👗👠
This green and white floral print dress was handmade over 60 years ago. I love the look of the Halter top in the dress, as well as the light weight feel of the dress and the elegant flare at the bottom of the dress. Its was purchased at a 2nd hand store and immediately fell in love with how feminine the style and look of this dress makes me feel. I hope that you enjoy! =)

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1920s Finger Wave Hair Tutorial. Authentic vintage style.

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The 2nd part of my special 1920’s tutorials. Unleash your inner flapper or discover your Great Gatsby style with this authentic, 1920’s finger wave hair tutorial.

This is by no means easy, but it is very impressive when finished. It is quite time consuming and requires some serious skills, but practice makes perfect, right?
If you have questions, please feel free to leave me a comment, and remember to subscribe to this channel for more amazing hair and makeup videos!

I found all the supplies I needed for this in Hairhouse Warehouse and the supermarket.

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