Air Jordan 4 30th Anniversary! Early Review And Mall Vlog! Watch Before You Buy!

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Air Jordan 4 30th Anniversary! Early Review And Mall Vlog! Watch Before You Buy!

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FusionFall Retro Anniversary Birthday Bash 2019

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It’s the celebration of 10 years of FusionFall.
FusionFall was released in the year 2009, and now it’s 2019.
II’m so grateful to see the game come back and having this event to celebrate the 10th anniversary of FusionFall
I’ve been since late 2008 during beta, and it’s amazing to see how far this game has come by and progressed.
It was fun grinding Party Poopers to get Ultra Rare items/
I gotten a lot of nice drops from these

Read the beta 2.4 patch notes!

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Intro Song: DJ Martinez – I wanna be free (Nightcore Mix)
Song: EastNewSound – Capital City of Flowers in the Skye
Song: EastNewSound – 君色マスタースパーク (Love-colored Master Spark)

Celebrating 10th year Anniversary of FusionFall! New items and vehicles! – EVENT! – FusionFall Retro

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Happy 10th anniversary FusionFall! Come and play in this new event!

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SNK 40th Anniversary Collection Review – St1ka’s Retro Corner (Nintendo Switch)

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A review of the Collector’s Edition of the SNK40th Anniversary Collection Edition for the Nintendo Switch. This collection celebrates SNK’s games before the Neogeo. So don’t expect to see titles like Fatal Fury, Metal Slug or King of Fighters.
Instead, you’ll see games like Alpha Mission, Athena, Crystalis, Guerrilla Wars, Ikari Warriors, Iron Tank, POW, Prehistoric Isle, Psycho Soldier, Street Smart and Vanguard. What’s cool here, is that it has the Arcade versions for every game as well as the NES ports.

Sadly, it doesn’t contain any Sega ports, only the nintendo ones.

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20 Best K-Pop & J-Pop Retro Style Songs (1940s-90s): BoA 18th Anniversary Edition

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Happy 18th Anniversary to BoA / 보아! I’m actually early this year, but I do my mid-week videos on Wednesdays, so I got this done earlier than normal. As with tradition, I always try to make something for her for her anniversary every year. It’d make my day if she ever acknowledged one of my videos (surely she has seen one of them from over the years lol). For this one, I decided to go my Retro video style route and do a BoA Edition version. I know so many of my subscribers love these kinds of videos of mine, so I thought this would be a good way for them to want to watch this video and learn and enjoy some of BoA’s discography from over the years. All the best to BoA and here’s to many more great years!

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Outro: One Shot Two Shot

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Music Analysis of KPop / JPop Best Live Performances Songs and Music Videos (MV) (Alphabetically)
Bump Bump
Do the Motion
Green Light
Listen to My Heart
Lose Your Mind
Make a Secret
Masayume Chasing
Milky Way
My Sweetie
Shine We Are
Silent Screamerz
Sweet Impact
The Shadow
Woo Weekend

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