Squirrel Tails & Severed Heads - Antique Reselling for Profit

Squirrel Tails & Severed Heads – Antique Reselling for Profit

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Sue and I took a road trip to discover new antique shops. We got about halfway to our destination and spotted a billboard for Antiques. Needless to say… we did not get where we were going… but we did get lamps.

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34 thoughts on “Squirrel Tails & Severed Heads – Antique Reselling for Profit”

  1. Hello, love the videos . I also shop for vintage things. If you have a chance look up on YouTube the song by Irene daye called the old curiosity shop. It’s such a good song about what we like to do❤️

  2. That bust "lamp" is nice if it as a lamp doesn't sell for as much. The Bust of the lady could sell under chalk wear category for better price ?

  3. I visited this place recently. I want to go back when I have more time. You and Sue are very knowledgeable and I love watching you gals.

  4. Estate auction in Central Alberta some years ago. Two squirrel tails in a jar, $20.oo ! As a kid, the old man got a penny apiece for them. These were two that he hadn't turned in. Lots of laughter and quick bidding. It was great!

  5. You are a girl after my own heart. I love glass, especially bowls and lamps. I love metal detecting also. And going to the bottle dump. You are very knowledgeable about glass.

  6. It's so funny … Because when you first showed the severed head I totally saw it had the same kinda hair style right off the bat… But you looked at it few times before you knowticed it also . Lol

  7. Have you ever been to the antique shops and goodwill in Annapolis MD. When my husband was stationed there I spent my days while he was at work scouring those stores only thing about annapolis is it being very touristy having the naval academy there so they can be a wee pricey.

  8. Found a tan, glazed pottery jug, with red leaves painted on front and back and two wooden branch-style handles at top, the letters E S and the # 3586 inscribed on bottom. Can anyone tell me when it was made, and what's it worth?

  9. I go to the Black Rose in Chambersburg about twice a week. Always looking for items to re-sale as well. I also find items to sell that people throw out. I once found a vintage ceramic Christmas tree in the trash and sold for $82.00. There is also some Antique shops on Route 30 in Fayettville . They have 4 buildings there. Good place to find good deals. I am now going to keep an eye out for lamps. Never knew the type of value that they had. I am into glassware as well. My dad got me into it. He worked for Indiana Glass Co. when I was younger. That kind of rubbed off onto me. We have even found some of his items he made here in PA.

    Love your videos!

  10. That antique mall looks amazing. Thanks for showing us around! I just recently got into watching and making antique vlogs and just stumbled upon this! I really had fun browsing the store with you and Sue. 🙂 I know I'm late to this train but subbing!

  11. Are you EVER in a bad mood?? You always make me smile and love your energy. The Bob Ross "happy trees" comment was very funny!

  12. I'm certain you get asked this constantly:
    I dont mean to bother you or over load you with tasks. I hoped your
    lamp trained eye can quickly identify my lamp.

    I believe it is the original gas lamp that was on the porch of my 1877
    house, now moved into the hallway of the great room. In the pics you
    can see the attaching hardware.

    I found wax under the newer black
    paint. I believe it was used with candles after it was retired as a gas

    I googled every angle I could think of and could not find any pics for
    reference or info on year ranges when gas lamps were commonly used.

    Have you seen anything like it before or know any thing about it?
    If you can, if you have the time, no emergency or anything, I'm just
    curious. I know you are busy with your recently earned doctorate
    degree, raising your 7 kids, ebay, and youtube.
    Thank you.

    And while I have your ear (eye), how about my bent wood chair?
    I found it in the attic of my 1877 house, far over to an area that is difficult
    to get to. It looks to have been there since the house was built. It shows
    signs of being used as a saw horse. I wonder if it was used to build the

    My research suggests this type of chair was built from around 1830's to
    The city I live in, Staunton, VA, was a strong hold for the Confederates
    up until the last 4 months of the war. When the Union finally took her,
    they had to level the entire city. It would be awesome to think this chair
    survived the war!

    I hope to repair the missing pieces and use it to sit in
    in-front of the microwave while I wait for my romin noodles to heat up .
    Have you seen anything like it before or know any thing about it?
    If you can, if you have the time, no emergency or anything, I'm just
    Thanks again.


  13. Love seeing you and Sue together ! You both have so much knowledge on antiques and collectibles !! I see you can score some bargains in these antique shops but do you ever check out thrift and Goodwill or consignment shops as well as flea markets ?? I just purchased two antique glass swirl cranberry design , brass and marble base lamps for $3.95 each at our Goodwill ! Need some cleaning up as they appear to maybe have been in a barn for the dirt on the bases ! Any way I thought of you two when I found them !!

  14. if you were to buy just one or two books on antiques for info and pricing witch ones would you buy? too many to choose from…I'm better at flipping pages than punching keys for reserch..any help would be great…I keep watching and learning from your show keep up the good work!

  15. I've been to Hagerstown a few times. Antique hunting in the north eastern states is so much better than in the South. I attribute it to better industry down through the decades. Good vid

  16. Hey Jocelyn I saw the horse lamps listed and I have to ask how is it possible to ship something that weighs that much using economy shipping? USPS won't let you ship those economy only priority and FedEX would cost double what your charging. Just wondering because I just sold a nice pair of lamps and it cost me $25 to ship them and that was the cheapest price I could find and that was with my Ebay discount on shipping. Maybe I'm missing something but I've been doing this for a while and any little secrets would be helpful.

  17. You show a lot of items I have no personal interest in, which is a good thing other wise I would not be learning anything and that's why I watch your show is to learn also your on camera persona is polite and pleasant!

  18. Wow you came to my town. Would have loved to have bumped into you lovely ladies. I stop in that store from time to time but the prices are high. Don't worry we have a lot of better restaurants then Applebee's. Take care ladies.

  19. My aunt passed away years back and she had acquired a rather large cookie jar collection and when I say large I mean about 175 jars !!!! some of them where junk but most of then has some value to them . I picked out the ones I remembered from when I was a kid and kept them and sold the rest .

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