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Hey everybody! We spent over $2,000 on lucky bags for us and for our friends. Our friends saw our Instagram posts on all the cool lucky bags available in Japan and would DM us to help them get some. We are not rich so I told our friends to send us money and I’ll get them some lucky bags. Come join us on our lucky bag adventure 🙂

Music found on YouTube Audio Library
Songs: Above and Beyond by Silent Partner
Sugar Zone by Silent Partner
Retro by Wayne Jones
Spring in my step by Silent Partner
If I had a chicken by Kevin MacLeod
Dutty by Vibe Tracks
Like a Polaroid by Spazz Cardigan
7th Floor Tango by Silent Partner
Do Do Do by Silent Partner
Splashing Around by The Green Orbs
Life in the arcade by Henry Jackman
Santo Rico by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Italian Afternoon by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

27 thoughts on “SPENDING OVER $2,000 ON LUCKY BAGS!!!”

  1. To all your BTS fan there is no actual lucky bags BTS I already have one at my house finding out they were fake they do not have one I already checked on BTS store and I want to say and send them an email they told me we do not have lucky bags in Japan for BTS they are fake and we haven't started to make one yet they don't know when they are going to make one if you open it some of the items are spelled wrong and they don't choose nice pictures

  2. Mc Donald’s isn’t worth it and it is so bad for you. I would rather eat fresh sushi or ramen. You can mc Donald’s anywhere. We actually got a Sanrio one and it is lovely and really good value for money, I can’t wait until next Once we are settled properly

  3. Hey Nancy if you still have that baby bib my sister just had a baby girl and she could use it. I love watching your videos.

  4. The third bag was really really good, so much you can use regardless of whether you know the characters or not, I would buy it off you 🙂

  5. The rabbit is from Kamiusagi Rope, btw. They were short cartoon that would play before movies in theatres.
    And the folder(?) that you said your grandma knows is Chibi Marukochan, a super popular kids show.
    And of course, the postcard of the sunflowers is one of Van Gogh's most famous pieces.
    And yeah, a ton of it were from Japanese TV shows because the store is Fuji TV, one of the big TV stations in Japan.
    Hope that helps!

  6. Nancy is simply the best! She brings sunshine and energy to everyones day! Thank you for continually uploading !! we love it!

  7. The rabbit, Kami Usagi, in this case, kami means paper. It’s from Kami Usagi Rope “Paper Rabbit Rope”, that was shown at Touhou Cinemas.

  8. It's nice reading good comments about Sophie. A lot of people in the comment section are so hateful about her and how she's being raised. She's a kid. Sheesh. As for raising kids, as long as someone isn't harming their children, I say it's none of my business. The girls don't strike me as disrespectful, hateful (to each other, their parents, or others around them), or spoiled. Yeah, sometimes someone will interrupt, but that's when they're excited. When I'm excited about a topic, I interrupt on occasion. It's not consciously done and shouldn't be so harshly judged. I usually just avoid the comments (since I've seen some mean ones about the kids on this channel's videos), but I was looking at the list of recommended videos and happened to see the nice comments.

  9. Why would Paypal take 1 business day for the money to arrive? I've been using Paypal (nationally and internationally since they started) and I never ever had to wait a day for money. Just curious why you have to wait a business day.

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