Sew Over It old makes revealed

Sew Over It old makes revealed

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Ultimate Trousers – Fabric from Sew Over it

Heather Dress – Fabric from classic textiles Goldhawk Road

Vintage wrap dress abric from classic textiles Goldhawk Road

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36 thoughts on “Sew Over It old makes revealed”

  1. Thanks for sharing, I searched for videos with the Heather dress on, and this was one that came up! I'm a bit worried now as it's the next pattern I'm about to make. Really gutted for you that you're not happy with it. Seen a few of your videos, really enjoy them. Thanks for sharing and inspiring. A x

  2. the armhole is the wrong size, just go up a size…………………………. good job its this way round as if it was to big you would not be able to re cut it.

  3. I made the SOI wrap dress and had watched some videos on utube where other people said it was low cut. I am a beginner and i mean beginner so i panicked thinking i had to change the pattern. All i did was add 1inch to the scooped out bit of the pattern i just drew a line from top shoulder to the waist. I lenthened the skirt too, between the hip and the bottom of dress added on 4 inches. This seems to work the top is a bit floppy not sure if fabric of because I played about with the patern. I also found tying at the side made me look fat as the ties where on the floor they were so long. So have chopped them of and tie at the back. At lot more flattering on me. I didnt think of a cami top under it, i think i will have another go at it with proper neckline see what happens. The other thing i didnt like was the handstiching of the hem, super boring and its funny and bulky in places, not a nice finish. I might unpick and start again. Yours look fab though.

  4. Same problem with the SOI Heather dress. Wrinkling same place on the top. Arms too tight. I'm a size 8, B cup so I think it's the pattern.

  5. Cut the skirt thru just below the hip and lengthen the skirt then true the lines if you need to lengthen bodice do it just below the armhole then raise the neckline up

  6. Next time if you make it pick up the shoulder seam at the arm hole and taper to nothing at the neck the shoulder seam is a dart it will remove the extra fabric below the armhole

  7. I've made two SOI wrap dresses and I've hacked the pattern into a ballet style wrap cardigan as well. The facing thing was really annoying me, so I've re-topstitched it all the way around at 1cm and then just trimmed down the excess facing to half a centimetre so it can't flip out. I've also lengthened it, as I had a moment where I put it on and it was way too short and busty for me to wear without a vest. I lengthened it by about four or five inches, just added it to the bottom hem length and then evened it out when I hemmed it. I've also had a go at raising the neckline on my wrap cardigan which was very successful too, just added a curve up across over the bust. Definitely adjustable, but I can understand your frustration with the pattern as it comes.

  8. Oh I was SO glad to see you model the Heather dress. I thought I was the only person who had disasters like that. Now I don't feel so bad. Thank you. Actually most of my garments seem to end up looking like that on me, yet look so beautiful on others, on the pattern, everywhere else!  The vintage wrap dress: Because you have a round bottom, it pulls up the back of the dress. You need to make a pattern adjustment to allow for that take up in your next version. The pants: Pants aren't easy to get a good fit on but it looks as if you did a great job on them. They fit really nicely.  I just found your channel and am going to check out your other videos and subscribe. Thumbs up on this one for sure!  : )

  9. I have had issues with sew over it dresses. I think they look great on slim small busted ladies like Lisa but the larger your bust or hips the more they really don't flatter folks.

  10. Love the floral fabric. So pretty. The wrap dress looks very nice with the cami and tights. Too bad about the Heather dress. I find that I usually have to take the underarm seams of the bodice in about a half inch when I make tops or dresses. Makes for a much better fit.

  11. I’m glad you wear able to save the wrap dress by wearing it with a cami an leggings. Sometimes you just have to improvise in order to make it work!

  12. I love your detailed reviews! Would you mind saying what the stretch was on the trouser fabric? I’d love to make a pair that don’t require a zip!

  13. You are right on with your eval of your dresses. Glad you are cutting up the heather and the Camille and tights make the wrap quite cute. Nice podcast.

  14. Love the trousers I have the pattern but haven't made them because… well… trousers ! lol I think it's because my legs are so short ( adjustments) I'm usually not even on the pattern at the smallest size !! but maybe I'll get some courage and dive in. I get the same thing with the sleeves, mine on the heather dress were so tight, but the Pussy Bow blouse fine! I haven't made the wrap dress it would probably be an ok length on me 🙂 I love the Eve but I took 4 inches from the length and its still too long. Oh well we are never happy are we. xx

  15. Interestings things you pointed out. I also made the Heather and the Ultimate wrap dress. I have the same issue with the Heather: boobs popping and hips look rather wide (sleeves are fine though, but admittedly really snug). I wanted to make it in a really warm fabric for winter, so I used scuba… big mistake! The structure and body of scuba accentuates the pockets and thus the hips… this pattern just does not work with heavier/structured fabrics, one needs to make it in a lighter fabric and i think then it would be fine. I think lisa comfort made a heather in a heavier jersey for one of her “makes“ videos and was similarly disappointed. As for the Ultimate Wrap Dress: i lengthened it and squared of the hem, both works fine (when lengthening it I chose a point in the bottom half of the skirt part of the pattern, cut the pattern in half, moved it further down and drew a new line). I think it looks way more balanced when it is knee length/covering knees, especially since the neckline is so plunging. I would really like to know how to change that neckline and make it higher. It is SO low that boob spillage is a constant threat 😉 i think it is a pitty that a cami is a must when wearing this dress.
    I also have the strong feeling that the pattern drafting in the SOI patterns is different when comparing the older and the newer patterns.
    Have great day!

  16. About lengthening the wrap dress. I think adding a strip of black fabric (same type as the dress) can be added to the hem. If you use the pattern to cut the correct curve and seam lines it could be sewn on at any length you like. Then as the bottom of the skirt will end up having a wider circumference than you might like; you can take in the side seams and taper to nothing at about hip level. I would do all this and tack it on to see if you like it and to assess the bottom hem length. If you cut the add on fabric longer than you think you will need then you can tweak the length later before turning up the hem. Interfacing for the front top is a good idea and I would consider a slip to discourage fabric hang up on the back skirt.
    Hope this helps. Good luck.

  17. I love you show the beautiful makes and the ones that don’t work, looking forward to seeing what you will be doing with off cuts xx

  18. Hi Claire,really enjoyed your video. I have made the wrap dress, same problem being too low cut so I wear a cami. Think I hand stitched the facing down just a bit to stop it showing. Also made the heather dress, wasn't sure at first but put it on last week and decided I liked it, seems to fit ok but did take it in at the sides as too big at hips. Got the pattern for the trousers but just haven't got round to making them but they look lovely!

  19. I. Love sewoverit patterns so it's really great to have such an honest review.It means I'll be making a toile before using my main fabric.loved the trousers on you

  20. Thanks for the tip about the trousers zip. I'm about to make the same with a scuba so I shall skip the zip myself 🙂 As for the wrap dress, I think you can just use the Eve Dress pattern version 2 – it's virtually the same as the wrap dress pattern, except the neckline is higher and the hem lands below the knees. It would be a real shame if you didn't make a Heather that you like. Maybe you could give it another chance because it truly is a beautiful pattern and suits every body shape (I believe). It will need some tweaking, like using a size 14 and take in where necessary to create the comfort and silhouette that you like. Also, perhaps use a plain fabric in your favourite colour. A scuba fabric might also make a difference 🙂

  21. The stretch denium fabrics are beautiful! Enjoyed hearing about your makes. Very informative. I would love to see the Disney dress you made on vacation. Thanks!

  22. The Cleo is gorgeous I love your videos Claire your honesty and your humour brighten my day. You are an inspiration.

  23. The wrap dress looks gorgeous with the cami and leggings… is it a jersey fabric? If I had made that, I would be wearing it every day… absolutely love it. xxx

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