Seltzer Bottles & Soda Syphons: A Spritz of Vintage Style

Seltzer Bottles & Soda Syphons: A Spritz of Vintage Style

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Seltzer bottles are extremely popular to collect and come in many different shapes and sizes! What’s your favorite style and how much would you pay for one? Share below! © WGBH Educational Foundation 2015

ANTIQUES ROADSHOW producer Dylan Leavitt hosts Vintage Minute, a web-exclusive short-form video series for the new collector. In each episode, Dylan introduces a vintage collection trend paired with a quick history lesson about its origins. Vintage Minute is one way PBS’s ANTIQUES ROADSHOW inspires the next generation of vintage lovers.

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Host/Producer: Dylan Leavitt
Shooter: Luke Crafton
Editor: Paige Burns
Designer: Cassandra Sell

9 thoughts on “Seltzer Bottles & Soda Syphons: A Spritz of Vintage Style”

  1. I have 2 identicle looking bottles. They're so great! Do you or anyone know how to get the screw on CO2 cartridges so I can get them to work??? I'm so excited to use them!! I've been looking for resources and parts. My gaskets look shot of course but really want to get them working how sweet would that be!! Movies use them….. thanks

  2. I never held a Vintage soda Syphon be for but was given one for my birthday. I think the piercing tube is blocked, so I guess I will just put it on the shelf with other collectables. It looks great!

  3. Love your videos! I learn a little more of history from your story on each item. And it gives me something to look for when i go thrifting! Keep up the great work!

  4. I prefer Seltzer bottles (soda siphons) made of colored glass. It's almost impossible to purchase them in Spanish speaking countries because they think you're asking for "salsa" bottles. Ok, I borrowed that from Seinfeld, 

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