19 thoughts on “Scooter Tramp Scotty. My favorite bike shop in Phoenix Az.”

  1. Thanks for the videos, it's nice to know who to support and do business with. One question about the exploding clutch. I have an stock 07 Electra Glide, is this something that pertains to my bike? Thanks!

  2. Commie'fornia….one of the downfalls of the US. It's bad when good people are forced to leave their homes due to an out of control government and it's regulations.

  3. love the vid. tempted to bring my superglide out from San Diego but the long distance warranty work has bit me In the past on other vehicles. looks like a great shop. on the clutch issue, my 2005 sporty grenaded at 30k. shouldn't that be a recall issue ?

  4. If I lived i the US I'd pay you dudes a visit!
    Why they put that stupid grenade plate in I'll never know? took mine out as well.
    Nice one Scotty.

  5. Nice shout out to a veteran owned and operated business. I had to have my new pipes, illegal in Cali, sent to brother in Charlotte NC then he sent to me where I installed them. Cali is lame, can't wait to get outta here.

  6. Nice shop,nice guys. These are my favorite types of shops.Did you go to the rose parade with the crazy chick? Rubber side down and let the miles roll on.

  7. I am an army veteran and supporting you veteran on companies are the way to go. You can almost guarantee the work will be done correctly. You are definitely my favorite channel on YouTube. The next time you are in the smokies around the Gatlinburg TN area I would love to meet you and go for a ride. Good luck with your bike.

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