Roommate Problems & Fake Influencers ft. Frugal Aesthetic (Christian Vui)

Roommate Problems & Fake Influencers ft. Frugal Aesthetic (Christian Vui)

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25 thoughts on “Roommate Problems & Fake Influencers ft. Frugal Aesthetic (Christian Vui)”

  1. I used to have friends that fuck other people over, and I shouldn't have been so naive then but I let them still be my friend and then they eventually stole money from me and fucked me over too. I had a group of friends that wanted to rob a nerdy white kid who used to sell drugs to be cool and the only reason why we didn't rob him was because I told them let's not rob him. They all turned their back on me when I got kicked out of my house and fucked over by my own family too. Great fucking friends right and now they try to get back into my life now after high school and I told them all to fuck off.

  2. you got a rent to pay you decided to stay there pay your rent or move out. well if he said it in the begining to make this rental thing a business but i wouldve never stayed with a friend who charges up the ass.

  3. 16:42 Man please don't buy that jesus christ, its the worse thing for the environnement. You used them once and then throw them away. Please buy some real dishes and wash them.

  4. 25:26 but he didn't own it yet & he's not making any monthly payments. Everyone but him are making the monthly payments for him while he gets to live there for free. And the rent was only 1,900 but they were paying 3,600?

  5. Best thing to do with roommates: If one of the roommate doesn't clean up their shit or stay organized, raise their rent a little bit. You're their roommate, not their nanny.

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