Return to Me

Return to Me

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Bob Rueland (David Duchovny) loses his wife (Joely Richardson) in a car accident. A year later, still grieving, he meets Grace Briggs (Minnie Driver), a shy waitress an Irish/Italian restaurant run by her grandfather Marty (Carroll O’Connor). Bob immediately falls for Grace and she’s attracted to him as well, but what he doesn’t know is that a year ago Grace was the recipient of a heart transplant — and that Elizabeth was the donor.

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  1. After watching this heartwarming movie, I want to take the opportunity to wish you ALL a (and the list of blessings will be long): peaceful, harmonious, light filled, healing, resentment and negative memories releasing, happy and joyous, mindful, protected, loving, comfortable, uplifting, vibration raising, awareness finding, grace giving and receiving, protected, fulfilled, prosperous and abundant Christmas season. May your spirits shine bright, and may you gain the knowledge that we all are connected, we all are one and an extension of the DIVINE. Thus, we shall begin to love and respect each other with all our might. I am wishing you the real joy and fulfillment of your lives: Finding your true purpose in life and who you really are. Who you really are , I can clarify for you. You all are divine, loving and pure light beings whom decided to come to Earth to learn and expand for the greater good of the entire Universe. Each one is unique and has it's own role to play. My wish to you is to find your part, because it's only then that you'll be able to reach the greatest bliss and happiness existent. NEVER take anyone you love for granted. I love you all…Merry Christmas. <3 <3 <3

  2. This movie is a favorite of mine. I lost my husband at a young age and could really understand how it felt for the husband ( David Duchovny). Its the most painful thing to go through.

  3. Is that Dean Martin singing in the opening of the movie? I think so.
    I’ll comment when it’s over…it was an engaging movie like the old times had…we need more movies like this!

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  5. ,this movie is one of my favs! Reminds me of how life use to be years ago in the Midwestern town….. wish life was still that way still..

  6. The black man said to Sidney ( how are you doing brother ) he should say how are you doing man to show that they are taking care of animals and kind with them,

  7. One of my very favorites. Hits every note on the scale. Everyone should be so lucky as to live and be around people such as those

  8. I watched this movie years ago so what a sweet treat when I stumbled on it this evening. Thank you for for the upload I really enjoyed it again.

  9. What a sweet old-fashioned love story. No need for special effects or heart stopping stunts. Fantastic music with no foul words or trashing other people. This is what we wish Hollywood would represent. Thank you very much for uploading. Merry Christmas. Perfect movie to watch on Christmas Eve.

  10. ~ Such a wonderful movie. I miss Bonnie Hunt so much. I wish she would write another movie….and also, get back on tv!!!

  11. This is a sweet romantic movie. Bonnie Hunt is a wonderful director! I thoroughly enjoyed this movie with a charming cast and the music of Dean Martin as a backdrop throughout. A very sweet story. Thank you for sharing!

  12. I didn't realize Bonnie Hunt directed this when first seeing it in theaters. Such a treat to come across it again all these years later. Quite the PERFECT film for the heart!!!

  13. What a phenomenal movie. For the record I rarely watch romance movies. I am so happy the forces of the universe lead me here.

  14. This is so very hard for me to watch! I'm an Irish gal, was in a relationship with an Italian guy, we were both great cooks…& he was an organ transplant recipient: but so ungrateful! He never even thanked the person who donated his kidney, (he got 2 separate kidneys, after the 1st one failed)! He left me heartbroken…(guess I should be glad he's gone now)…However, I always was, and still am an organ donor, and believe, like in this movie, that normal people would be more than grateful to have a second gift of life! instead of choosing to be selfish Narcissists!

  15. This is one of my favorite movies. Thank you so much. I had a kidney transplant so I know the importance of this and having a new chance at life. I thank God every day.

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