Retro Hairstyles For Natural Hair

Retro Hairstyles For Natural Hair

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Tumblr blog post: . If you have a Tumblr account, please reblog this post because now there’s a video tutorial to go with the snapshots that were posted several months ago.

This how-to hair styling tutorial is a very simple way to do a retro looking hairstyle, for naturally kinky/curly hair. There is a demonstration of 2 different hair bang options.

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15 thoughts on “Retro Hairstyles For Natural Hair”

  1. my hair isn't kinky, but it's still naturally very curly and i hate having to crush it with heat tools to get a pinup style. this is so cute! thanks!

  2. Its not possible for you to be any more adorable :), like this style, especially love love the side swoop bang option! Great job!

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