25 thoughts on “RETRO COMMERCIALS-Ideal Toys-Velvet Doll”

  1. this is the velvet doll,i got her instead of thumbelina.how many of us have happy memories of mattel and ideal toys?

  2. I have this doll in mint condition after years of playing with her and tons of clothes my Mom and my sister sewed and knitted for her. She still beautiful, I saved her for 40 years so I could give her to my own daughter…….. I have three sons and two grandsons. : )

  3. i had this doll when i was little and took good care of if until this one girl came to my house and just messed up her hair broke her arms and i was so sad cause i didnt have many toys and she was my favorite

  4. @holbrooke7 well, it was late 1960s to early 1970s, so I guess it wasn't that odd, my aunt has a velvet, and my mom had crissy 😀 got crissy and fixed her hair ^^ I'm quite proud of the results

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