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Treasure hunting Rernningers Flea and Farmers Market in Melbourne Florida and finding some awesome stuff! If you are in the area it is well worth your time browse the market!! For more flea market videos PLEASE SUBSCRIBE to our channel!


  1. You lucky ass getting that Rodan & Fields stuff. I want the Redefine set. Please let me know if you want to let any of that go chick!!! Awesome score!!!

  2. My husband and I got married in his hospital room 3 days before he had open heart surgery…it was formal…I had on a black sundress and he had on a white robe….we are just as married as the big fancy weddings make you…been 25 years and next year, we will be together for 50 years….it's how you feel about each other…NOT what you wear….

  3. Sammie, I know what it's like to deal with anxiety. Have you ever tried St. John's Wart? It has made a huge difference for me! But if you do decide to use it, heed the warning about the sun. I damaged the skin on my arms because I didn't know about it.

  4. Definitely enjoy the flea market real time vlogs. It's like we're hunting them right along with you. Humans are hunters/gatherers going way back, and this somehow fills the need.

  5. Sammie can you give me any tips on CBD?? Or anyone else lol I have depression and anxiety! Everyone keeps saying try CBD but I'm afraid!!

  6. My fiancé mom is trying to take us All to the Florida keys in February! If our schedules will work out.. But I'm sooooo excited for it I'm just hoping it works out!! I've never been on a vacation!

  7. You both inspire me every single day with your videos ,so motivational. Thank you for what you do. Wish you were coming to Jacksonville. How great it would be to meet you both. Enjoy your vacation!

  8. All your videos are great, i just think you two are so real , down to earth, one of us , love you guys , keep up the great work

  9. I know what you mean sammie!!  that why I always buy cloths that are my size bc if I don't sell it I wear them hahaha

  10. Great deals and you guys are dressed awesome. If anyone is looking at you then their jealousy is showing. Not a lot of happy people out there nowadays and people get edgy when they see people who are.

  11. We went to Renninger’s Flee Market and Antiques in Mt Dora, Florida. We were there for one day and could not see everything! I have never seen a flee market so large. It would have taken days to see everything. There is 2 separate areas one for antiques and the other for flee market stuff. The flee market area is inside and outside. I’m not sure how close you are to Mt Dora but if you are near it’s a must see!! Both of you would love it!

  12. Does anyone know which version the intro song is? Sounds like Bon Iver But I can't find it? Very dope choice! I've listened about 40 times now to try and find it.

  13. Another excellent adventure, thanks for taking us along. Love the Crystal sammy. The Betsy Johnston Bling is awesome, my mother loved her purses.

  14. Is it legal to mail CBD oil from Canada to US? Now that it's legal for us, it's cheaper or free if I get a prescription. Let me know. ❤ It's great to see you guys having such an awesome little vacay!

  15. We like your videos and lots of luck. Just keep your eye out because there is A LOT of counterfeit makeup that is coming out of China that looks legit but is made with lead and other chemicals that are really bad.

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