ProDrop 80s Volume 2 -  80s Style Backgrounds for Final Cut Pro X - Pixel Film Studios

ProDrop 80s Volume 2 – 80s Style Backgrounds for Final Cut Pro X – Pixel Film Studios

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ProDrop 80s

Retro Style Backdrops for FCPX

Travel back to the 1980s with this set of amazingly retro and fully customizable backdrops from Pixel Film Studios. ProDrop 80s Volume 2 invokes an old-school vibe to any Final Cut Pro X production. Use ProDrop presets as backgrounds for text, pictures, and videos in any Final Cut Pro x production. Pick and choose from 30 retro-styled presets with completely customizable options. Change the camera path, alter the colors, and make adjustments layer by layer with ProDrop 80s Volume 2.

30 Retro-Styled Presets

ProDrop 80s Volume 2 features thirty designs inspired by the most popular decade in entertainment. Choose from backdrops featuring grid-based landscapes to cosmic backdrops with science fantasy elements. Each ProDrop preset features unique customization options, allowing Final Cut Pro X users to tweak the look and feel of individual backdrops.

Intuitive Camera Controls

ProDrop 80s Volume 2 is extremely easy-to-use and navigate. Utilize Camera Controls to move freely around the environment from one point to the next. With handheld camera controls, users can add a natural camera shake to the scene. Lastly, use Depth of Field controls to adjust the blur amount.

Self-Animating Designs

Each ProDrop preset runs for a duration of 10 seconds. Shrink and expand the duration of the generator preset to change the duration of the clip. ProDrop is completely self-animating which allows users to achieve professional looks without the hassle of keyframes. Simply drag, drop, and tweak, ProDrop will do the rest.

Customizable In Final Cut Pro X

Utilize professional backdrops with ProDrop 80s Volume 2’s FCPX exclusive designs. Look to the top-right inspector window to find neatly categorized sections with simple sliders, hue dials, and simple checkboxes to alter ProDrop presets. Achieve amazing looks with incredible ease using Pixel Film Studios plugins.

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