Photoshop Tutorial: Part 2 - How to Design & Create a Vintage, Bauhaus Poster (Design #1)

Photoshop Tutorial: Part 2 – How to Design & Create a Vintage, Bauhaus Poster (Design #1)

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IMPORTANT: This tutorial is for educational purposes only. This design is copyrighted and is protected under the Intellectual Property Rights law.

Photoshop CC 2015 tutorial in 2 parts showing how to design and create a vintage, Bauhaus-style poster (Design #1)

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Part 1:

Paper texture:

SquareFont font:

Movie Letters font:

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29 thoughts on “Photoshop Tutorial: Part 2 – How to Design & Create a Vintage, Bauhaus Poster (Design #1)”

  1. Thank you so much for your effort! Great tutorial! I've only got one question: I didn't quite understand why putting a solid fill over the text make it textured. I mean, it worked, but why did it work like a paper texture if it is only a solid grey colour?? I would be very grateful if you could explain this please.

  2. This is fantastic as always Marty but this time when I attempted to clip the adjustment layer to the folder containing the black text and lines the CTRL+ALT+G did not clip it to the folder below and of course didn't show the down arrow.

  3. Thank you sir…I loved this tutorial and got beautiful result..It was really very helpful. Your step by step explanation is very clear n understandable.

  4. If I drag the layer like you did it in 3:56 , it gets the same grey like the letters, hope my english is understandable. Would be nice if you could help me! Oh and nice video!

  5. Thx ! <3 I tried to download the texture but i got this message several times during the day. just so you know. Greetz! "Error (429)
    This account's links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!"

  6. I truly appreciate you. I learn so much with your tutorials. Do you have one creating a flyer? Thank you so much Marty. You're amazing.

  7. I'm having issues copying the horizontal row and moving it. I press the move tool and it grabs the entire picture don't know what the issue is -_-

  8. Hey Marty! Great tutorial. I had one question though. I tried using a clipping mask on my group and it didn't work. I checked multiple sources to find an answer online but couldn't find one. Would appreciate any help from your side. I am using CS5 and have followed this tutorial step by step till the part where I'm supposed to clip the solid colour to the folder.


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