Running Out of Time… Back to School Retro Style with Payless & KangaROOS

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Me and my girls are headed back to school ‘retro style’ with Payless ShoeSource and KangaROOS! Take a look at today’s video and blog on for more on our classic footwear! #ad #paylessforstyle

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1940’s Fashion show at Revival Retro | Stripes and Scarlets

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Hello lovelies,

This is something different that I really enjoyed filming and I hope you like it too! You can find all the links for the items shown on my blogpost here

or at the Revival-Retro site

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Disclaimer: I wasn’t sponsored for this video, I just really like the store and wanted to show you the beautiful things you can find!


Music: How Is This Morning ver. 1 and Sound Of Big Band ver. 1
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Thanks for watching and see you next time!! xxx


The Tipsy Gypsy sisters talk about vintage clothing and look at vintage hats

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Let’s talk about all things vintage. Do you like vintage clothing, vintage hats, purses, shoes,, jewelry? How about barkcloth, old tatted and crochet linens, or how about vintage cowboy boots? I have it all and I will be showing it to you and along with my tipsy gypsy sister, we will show you how to wear it, how to buy it, and many other topics related to vintage.

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Here are links to Linda Lou’s Funky Finds:

Here is a link to Babushka’s Etsy shop:

And a link to Babushka’s other online shop – it is being revamped and may not look quite right, but you can still shop:

And I usually have something listed on Ebay:

Sexy, retro style beautiful hairdo’s with Peter Gray for Les Copains

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Watch these really beautiful hairdo’s created by one of the top hairstylists, Peter Gray, for the Les Copains Fall Winter 2018 2019 Show at the Milan Fashion Week. Read all on ADVERSUS

Igor Gulyaev Moscow Fashion Week SS 2012 Furs Runway Show Retro Style – 11 min preview

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Igor Gulyaev Moscow Fashion Week SS 2012 Furs Runway Show Retro Style – 11 min preview
See more at

Ariel Rider W-Class Video Review – Vintage Style Cruiser Ebike

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The Ariel Rider W-Class is a beautiful, custom designed cruiser electric bike drawing from vintage motorcycle designs with a springer fork, chopper bars and wider top tube. Powerful 500 watt geared hub motor by Dapu paired with a 556 watt hour battery using Samsung cells for quick acceleration and decent climbing ability, adjustable speed up to 25 mph. Integrated LED lights, color matched fenders and chain guard, comfortable sprung saddle with matching leather grips on the Premium model. The motor produces more noise when starting off, the springer fork doesn’t offer much travel, no rack or bottle cage mounting points, some delay on the cadence sensor.

Fur Coat Antique-long fur-lambs wool-funny hood looks like a bird-strathroy antique mall

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Fur Coat Antique-long fur-lambs wool. Look at our model Shannon modeling this lovely vintage long hair fur coat. Beauty.
You must see the hood view it was standing up like a bird. Needs a smoothing down and it will be perfect. Model has no idea what she looks like lol

Vintage Women’s Clothing Fashion Show 1920s 1930s 1940s 1950s Purses Dresses

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The Best VIntage Clothing presents a video fashion show of vintage fashions from out collection at
See soem adorable vintage dresses from the 1920s, 1930s, 40’s, 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. Includes some sweet vintage bags too.

Redbird Vintage Box: Clothing & Accessories Available for September Subscription Box Requests

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Accessories are the first items shown, so if you’re a Marie once the handbags/aprons are finished you can quit watching 🙂 Almost all accessories available for box requests will be posted to Instagram over the next 2-4 days!

To request just comment below or email with your first name, last initial, which item you’re requesting and the time in which the item appears. Example:

Sarah F., red blouse at 5:15.

You can also email a screenshot of the items you love.

Requests are not guaranteed due to multiple subscribers wanting the same items. We try super hard to be fair and love you all equally.

If you have questions you may want to email because I don’t typically check comments on the request videos until the day I’m setting items aside.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 90’s Style Commercial – Retro Nintendo Switch Commercial

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was just revealed at E3 2018! That means it’s getting the Retro Nintendo Switch Commercial treatment from my favorite N64 commercial!

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Ebay Retro Dress Review

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I bought this dress for less than $50 from Dress190 on ebay: The dress was shipped fast and came tightly wrapped in clear plastic, so it had to be ironed on a low setting which got out the wrinkles easily. It works nicely with a petticoat and I think it’s a good find. What do you think? *Sorry for the background noise.

My Weirdest BuzzFeed Story: Crazy Clothing Experiments

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“We’re four men in thongs, and Keith is wearing a horse head…”

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Crochet baby dress| free |vintage crochet baby dress pattern| 86

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A Current Affair Vintage Clothing | DTLA Vlog

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Hello & Welcome To My Channel!

Hey Y’all,
I got to attend A Current Affair Vintage Fashion Expo. It was all things vintage. If you love vintage clothing that still works with your modern wardrobe this is a good place to shop. It’s also good to get inspiration from. Sadly several minutes of video got deleted of me showing more clothes and the style of two fabulous women.

*Not a sponsored video. This was just me going to an event I’ve been wanting to attend.*
You can check them out for future show dates in New York & Los Angeles:

I hope you’ll enjoy this video. Thanks for watching. Please like, comment, & subscribe.

Much Love & Fashion Fun,
Tea Todd

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