OUTFIT DOCUMENTARY Official Full Movie 2015 (New Movie about Vintage Fashion)

OUTFIT DOCUMENTARY Official Full Movie 2015 (New Movie about Vintage Fashion)

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Why do many of us wear pajamas to do errands or to school?
Why do many young men sag their pants, and young women flash too much skin?

This is the official full movie of Outfit Documentary that explores the answer to these questions. Outfit is a new homemade documentary that explores why many Americans tend to dress less conservatively, and lazily, and how vintage-style clothing shows more class and character.

Image-driven, the film explores the classic trendy fashion elements from the 1920’s until the 1990’s. Topics explored include feminism and taking fashion for granted.

Featuring: Music artist, IceDude (Ivan Arrington) and model, Angelique Noire.

Directed & Produced by Berylanne Lynch
Produced by B-Anne Productions

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Email: “[email protected]

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9 thoughts on “OUTFIT DOCUMENTARY Official Full Movie 2015 (New Movie about Vintage Fashion)”

  1. I personally dress up when I'm going to the movies to the mall to the game to the restaurants but not like to the store to buy something to eat

  2. This well thought out but some people in the video r just casual wear or playing basketball and some don't fell the need to dress up to go the store or the park

  3. To clarify:
    Antique : at least 100 years old.
    Vintage : at least 50 years old
    Retro: at least 15-20 years old.
    So technically the 80s and 90s are retro 🙂

  4. I think fashion has degenerated over time for the same reason art,academia & morals have degenerated over time.Art has degenerated over the last 200 yrs from beautiful to meaningless ,vulgar,abstract & chaotic.This is as reflection of mans confusion of identity & meaning.In classical times, man saw himself as unique child of God whose life had meaning & purpose.Objective truth existed. Mans art naturally reflected this.The modern idea of man being little more than a base animal adrift in a meaningless universe is reflected in art,academia & ultimately,fashion.

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed this! I'm not into vintage fashion, but over the 6 decades I've lived, there has been more of a sloppiness in our dress and because of the way we dress, in our demeanor. I remember getting dressed up to go to church with my grandparents, our best dresses & coats (never jackets unless it was part of our dress!), hats, gloves and purses. It was an event, some place special we were going to! While I appreciate the comfort of wearing casual clothing, I do miss the sense of specialness. We took time to dress up because we were going somewhere special!

  6. I love this…very well done! I also wanted to add that I think clothing designs are using less and less fabric. ..creating designs that use less complicated patterns in order to cost the manufacturers less money to produce….they force feed them to an unsuspecting public looking for new fashion every week. So it's an economic boon to them but a "dumbing down" for us …they change the color or print only and are laughing their way to the bank. Good design and good sense appear to be gone. I love vintage and will always wear it because it is more expressive and unique.

  7. I absolutely adore this video! I see the direct correlation between the behavior of women today and fashion. My favorite was the fashions of 1920s, 50s and 60s. I'm getting ready to put together my first collection and the topic of this documentary will certainly be a part of my inspiration board 🙂 I choose not to part-take in "lazy" fashion trends anymore. My contribution will aim to empower women with self-respect and gracefulness .. Thanks for making this video!

  8. This is THE BEES' KNEES!!!!  I just LOVE IT!  I also believe that the feminist movement went too far.  I would like to toss out the racism and sexism of the 40's & 50's, but I wish we'd go back to trying to looking our best when we go out, and although I don't want my husband telling me to get into the kitchen and make him dinner…….I also have no problem putting on an apron and making my man something to eat.  We shouldn't go back to the "You can't __ because you're a GIRL!" type of attitude, but I don't like this metrosexual B.S. that "men" are becoming either…….  Give me the 40's & 50's just minus the racist sexist crap…..and I'm a happy camper!

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