NEW and Noteworthy Gym Clothes! Align Joggers, Balance Athletica, XXIV, and more

NEW and Noteworthy Gym Clothes! Align Joggers, Balance Athletica, XXIV, and more

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XXIV Customizable Leggings:

XXIV Seamless Long Sleeve Crop:

XXIV Crochet Sports Bra:

XXIV Crochet Legging:

Lululemon Align Jogger:

Idealfit new clothing collection (Code HOPESCOPE25 for 25%off!):

Idealfit Pocket Legging:

Idealfit Flowy Crop Top:

Balance Athletica (new launch mid Nov 2018):

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IdealFit Products (FAVE Supplements)
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Vegan Protein:

BCAAs (I LOVE the Peach Lemonade):

Fat Burner:

Camera I Use:

My 3-Way Mirror:

Legging Shelves:

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43 thoughts on “NEW and Noteworthy Gym Clothes! Align Joggers, Balance Athletica, XXIV, and more”

  1. I've watched fashion and these leggings and gym videos from your channel that I had my first leg gins advertisement.. on your channel

    I mean 2 for 24$ at fabletics isn't that bad, is it?

  2. hi hope I'm based in the UK and the purple top is not listed on the UK site..but I did find some other things such as the pocket leggings which are reasonably priced. Are they squatproof?

    great video once again x

  3. Yes ! Please do a video on joggers that we can get on Amazon. Thanks ! I like the black camo joggers you wear in other videos.

  4. I really need a 2x. I know it’s limited sizing and you are working on it, I’m excited for when you get bigger sizes

  5. The idealfit leggings don't look 9/10 squat proof, but actually pretty see through. Otherwise I would totally get them!! :

  6. I could be wrong, but you have the Lulu On The Fly pant right? I thought you had them in a verrry old video. But I’ve had them for almost a year and literally wear them almost every day. Just curious how they compare to the Align Joggers, because those look comfy af too just tighter. Also, a big hell yes to a jogger video! I don’t own any but am obsessed with the look.

  7. I think the crochet set is PERFECTION on you! The top is just right. Re: joggers, I don't understand the point of them…no one actually jogs in them, and they remind me of the hideous "jogger sets" of the 1980s. Would rather just see reviews on leggings and perhaps yoga pants. xoxo

  8. Yes to the jogger video, they are the only pants in my wardrobe. Check out the brand lole btw, they are a women made women ran brand based in Canada and have a lot of great active wear!!

  9. Hope!! NOBODY has done a L'urv activewear review and they're the cutest leggings I've ever seen in my life. (I'd look in the sale items, they're way more affordable) They're crazy unique and look high quality

  10. oh – also – YES YES YESSSSSSS to a joggers vid haha and ffs i wish i looked as hot as you when i put on weight. Mine just goes allllll to ma bell'eh!! Damn pooch and no booty. Keep rocking that gorgeous version of yourself!

  11. yaaaaaaaa girllll you went au natch with your barnet!!! LOVE LOVE YOUR HAIR…. I sooooo wish mine was that long! waaaahhhh hahaha ….. Also – why are the joggers not great to work out in?? Just too hot?? Or they don't move very well with the body? Maybe for upper body day though? xx

  12. I would love a video on your top 10 leggings from your current leggings collection. Like your can’t live without these leggings and everyone needs them lol

  13. I'd LOVE it if you could do a video on the Gymshark vital seamless! You always give your unfiltered opinion and they seem promising!

  14. A few brands you might consider are Lolë and PrAna… They're both "yoga" but I use a lot of their leggings and tops for working out as well! Super cute, kind of pricey depending on what you get!

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