My Top 5 of London Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2019

My Top 5 of London Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2019

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➫ Sangiev x Hunt & Co Pendant –

Pretty self explanatory title really … let me know who your top five were in the comments section down below!

➫ Daniel W. Fletcher –
➫ Kiko Kostadinov –
➫ Craig Green –
➫ Qasimi –
➫ A Cold Wall –

Honourable Mentions:
➫ Chalayan –
➫ Liam Hodges –

➫ ASOS Reclaimed Vintage Snake Print Shirt –
➫ Lock & Co Wells Fedora –
➫ The Great Frog Dagger Pendant –
➫ Maria Black Dangly Earring –
➫ Coiled Snake Ring –
➫ Goti Ring (Sold Out) –
➫ Comedy & Tragedy Ring –
➫ Small Navajo Ring –
➫ Hermes Chaine D’Ancre –
➫ Gucci Marina Chain Bracelet –
➫ Werkstatt München Bracelet –

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36 thoughts on “My Top 5 of London Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2019”

  1. 10:45 I disagree with you. Big part of fashion shows are about storytelling around the actual commercial pieces, which many of the unwearable pieces complement. So IMO all theatricality around it is awesome

  2. You might be able to help me on this, how do I get into a fashion week/apply as a model?

    Oh and definitely do one of these for Milan and Paris, loved the insights here xx

  3. Jesus H Christ you’re so excessive with your jewelry… I imagine you passing through airport security and the detector is just beeping nonstop

  4. Can we talk about EVERYTHING looks the same? There are some great pieces and some stuff I love but overall these all feel very similar. Good but similar.

  5. “Samuel Ross is the probably one of the best when it comes to working with fabrics.”
    You have a terrible child-like grasp of what you are talking about Sangiev.

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