My Earring Collection: A Vintage Style Earring Haul by CHERRY DOLLFACE

My Earring Collection: A Vintage Style Earring Haul by CHERRY DOLLFACE

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Check out my fun earrings! I have credited the companies I know of. Some of them are too old to remember!

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I love to show the average gal how to feel beautiful and a little different! I mostly focus on vintage inspirations! I teach everything from vintage hair and makeup, to vintage style, to DIY, to cooking. I also show you events in my life, days in my life, and general silliness. I love to make women of all shapes, sizes, ages, races, and everything else feel confident, empowered and unique. Life is too short to take yourself so seriously! Let’s DANCE!

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21 thoughts on “My Earring Collection: A Vintage Style Earring Haul by CHERRY DOLLFACE”

  1. Hi Miss Dollface! I have two requests if you wouldnt mind! One is for you to please do a hair tutorial with hair snoods and second is I love your straight hair tutorial with the barrel roll and hair scarf if you could do more straight hair tutorials for those days you don't have enough time to curl. Also your eyebrows look amazing in this!! And thank you so much for all your incredible videos xoxo

  2. I really like those light blue triangles and the red triangles with the sparkly bit in the middle…were they guess ones? Xx

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