(Magic Online) Vintage Cube Stipulation Draft #27 - 1/6/19

(Magic Online) Vintage Cube Stipulation Draft #27 – 1/6/19

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Stipulation supplied by subscriber the-one-and-only Tawnos! “Let’s make stuff good. Five-color good stuff! Deck must have 5 colors in casting costs, including post-sideboard. Hybrid cards count as 2 colors.”

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10 thoughts on “(Magic Online) Vintage Cube Stipulation Draft #27 – 1/6/19”

  1. The one guy was a ghost. Not only did he know exactly when to start tapping down your green lands he waited until you played snake to drop his sundering titan.

  2. I think a more accurate representation on RT is the audience votes on it. It's a larger sample size to go off of. So Solo is a 70% versus a 64% based on 422 critics versus 40k audience reviews. Or in the case of the Last Jedi it was 91% versus 45% (417 critic reviews versus 200,000 audience ones). I think that gives a better overall representation of quality even though there are definitely times when it doesn't mesh with my tastes.

  3. Frank, love watching your vintage stipulation drafts. I want to submit a stipulation myself but I’m not sure how to do that. Tips tricks and advice appreciated.

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