Lindy Bop Haul & Try On // Retro Review [CC]

Lindy Bop Haul & Try On // Retro Review [CC]

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As you know I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather this past weeks, so I thought I’d treat myself to a retro haul and look at the best of Lindy Bop!

‘Audrey’ Blue Striped Swing Dress

‘Liana’ Navy Gingham Swing Dress and Bolero Set

‘Vanessa’ Burgundy Rose Print Pencil Dress

‘Heloise’ Peach Floral Bird Print Jumpsuit

‘Charo’ Yellow Gingham Floral Top

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18 thoughts on “Lindy Bop Haul & Try On // Retro Review [CC]”

  1. Hi jessica! thanks for your videos. thinking of buying from lindy bop. My waist is 78cm which should be a size 12. would you go with the website size guide?

  2. This was a wonderful review (and very belated sympathies about your bout of shingles). Thank you so much for popping the sizes up. So few people bother and it's kind of half the point with reviews.

  3. Ordered the yellow top after watching this video. It's bloody gorgeous! The size chart was indeed a bit strange (As are my measurements – there is ZERO consistency in what size I am, especially online)… Wish me luck! 😛

  4. I enjoy buying lindy bop but 100% agree the body is always so so short it never falls on my natural waist. I wish they would put some more fabric and lengthen the top out to fir correctly x

  5. I bought a lovely wriggle dress from Lindy Bop which was on sale. I too fitted the measurements. I tried it on and it was huge, especially on the top. I'm cup size B and the fabric doing that weird droopy pouch thing around my bust and collarbone because it was so large on my top half. I will have to get it adjusted I think. I was impressed with the quality for the price but I think they need to work on making dresses that are small sized being actually small on the top too!

  6. Hello! Just came across your channel as I was looking for reviews on Lindy Bop. Specifically reviews for the Marianne style. Do you happen to own that style or know whether its true to size? 

    Also, sorry to hear about getting Shingles. I got them when I was 11 and I can understand how terrible they make you feel.

  7. I have the same issue with the straps being too long on every sleeveless Lindy Bop dress I own! Which is odd because I have huge boobs (38HH) and they typically eat up so much fabric that straps are always too short. Which leaves me wondering how bad the strap length issue must be for girls with small chests! Luckily it's a quick fix with my sewing machine!

  8. You look absolutely lovely in a pencil skirt! 🙂 I don't think I've ever seen you in one before. It's nice to see something quite different every now and then. 🙂 <3

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