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COME WITH ME Shopping in the Harrods Boxing Day / January Sales ☺ In this luxury shopping spree vlog, we head to take a look at what was left in the sales. We went on New Years Eve, so only a few days after Christmas. We found some really good discounts of up to 40% on brands like LOEWE, MANOLO BLAHNIK, VALENTINO, DIOR & CHANEL.

Come and follow me around ☺ (Includes a designer haul at the end!)

———// FEATURED ITEMS //——–

Zara (Coat is from 2016)

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Some links to products are affiliate, I try and link to the exact item where possible but if it’s sold out, I will link to the closest similar item. Affiliate links really help me to continue creating YouTube videos. YouTube is expensive to do and affiliate links help me cover off some of the monthly fees associated with creating videos; from licenses to equipment etc. Items marked with an asterisk are NOT affiliate links.

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LUXURY SHOPPING HACKS + Chanel Sale That Started TODAY | Sophie Shohet | AD

13 thoughts on “LETS SHOP.”

  1. David really provides good input while your shopping! Kudos to him! So glad you chose the plum heel as well as the lighter color. They compliment your complexion beautifully.

  2. Happy New Year, Sophie <3 Lovely vlog as always! I love coming on these shopping trips with you! Where did you get that pink "fashion"-sweater from btw? <3 xxx

  3. Oh my goodness, how cute is that Loewe bunny purse! I’m such a sucker for cute things like that, I’d seen the elephant ones in the past but not the bunny! It’s a shame the Manolo’s didn’t come in the blush in the lower heel, they were such a gorgeous shade (not that the silver isn’t but you know what I mean!). David was spot on when he said that they don’t look much off, but when you put them on they look fab. Thanks for sharing with us, I hope 2019 is off to a great start for you both! xx

  4. Please take us to Harrods as much as possible, love that store! What a fabulous place to visit t on New Year’s Eve..doing right you two!

  5. Love your video! Could i please ask, when you sell your designer bags what websites do you use? Do you have any recommendations where i could sell my Christian Louboutin handbag? x

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