Is My Tommy Hilfiger Item Vintage or Not Vintage ... How To Tell

Is My Tommy Hilfiger Item Vintage or Not Vintage … How To Tell

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There is one sure fire way to tell if your Tommy Hilfiger clothing item is vintage or not vintage and in this video I will show you 1 quick tip to easily figure it out.

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21 thoughts on “Is My Tommy Hilfiger Item Vintage or Not Vintage … How To Tell”

  1. It is a matter of who and what referred to. Vintage actually comes from wine terminology and means a certain year, as in vintage 2003. So you would say "Vintage 2003" to be correct. Retro is confusing because it may be brand new and still called retro because it imitates an earlier style. So a new Hilfiger could be labeled "retro" if it looks like something from an earlier era. I would stick with the vintage with the year.

    Also, I have a new with tags Hilfiger dress shirt here. The new paper tag says 2005. The label tag says 2003. So it is an approximate date. However, I wouldn't be too picky about the exact date except when selling one like I have, where I might put "vintage 2003-2005" in the details.

  2. just got a nice looking Tommy long sleeve from a thrift store. it doesn't have a date on it though. is there any other way to tell?

  3. Hey there!! Your channel just showed up in my recommended feed and I am so glad it did. Just subscribed. I am so happy you did this on identifying vintage TH!! Thanks, Pamela

  4. Easiest way when you thrifting is just looking at the main tag. If it's the flag tag it pre 99 I believe and after it Tommy Hilfiger on a think blue tag. Also can check the inside tag. There are a few other brands that also date there stuff like J crew, Gap, and Banana Republic. Thanks for watching

  5. Wonder if other clothing companies have dates inside their clothing….possibly if a USA company it is required ???? Good vid found a nice block red, white and blue Tommy Hilfiger Sweater now will look to find the year its mint condition and luckily did not pay too much ! Excellent thoughtful vid thank you ! Corie

  6. Great info. I just sold a T Hillfiger sweatshirt that I was pretty sure was vintage. It had TOMMY spelled out with really big letters on the front and side. I sold it as vintage 90's. I wish I could look at the tag now to see for sure, but oh, well, it's gone to the buyer.

  7. Just curious, you mention "retro" for 2002 and older but vintage/retro means 20 years or older so they would not be able to be listed as vintage. How do you list as retro? Thanks

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