How To STOP Tank Tops from Riding Up | Bailey B.

How To STOP Tank Tops from Riding Up | Bailey B.

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Who’s over their tank tops riding up? 🙋‍♀️
Who’s not about that body suit life? 🙋‍♀️
This is the video for you. In a weird turn of events, I stumbled on an underwear hack that keeps your tank top (or any tight top, I suppose) in place, and not riding up your waist. I think it’s better than a body suit!

Here’s the clothing I talk about:
– Soma Vanishing Edge High Leg Brief:
Really, any underwear that has silicone lining (ideally thicker ribbing, so there’s more to hold on to) will do for this hack
– Tank top is from Maidenform’s Flexees collection, and is many years old (and discontinued), but any tight-fitting tank top will do
– Good American Good Waist Blue161:
– Marsté Fashion Moscow Pleated Trouser:
– Flowy Shrug/Cardigan and Skirt are from Nicole Paloma:
She’s a small business and Florida-based designer who makes everything by hand. I’m not sure what these styles are called, but I recommend checking her Instagram (@nicole_paloma_handsewn_designs) to see if the product is featured (and shoppable). She’s also really responsive via DM there, so she can answer any questions about the styles! Not sponsored – I just LOVE her designs and think more people need to know about her!

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23 thoughts on “How To STOP Tank Tops from Riding Up | Bailey B.”

  1. I use to wear body suit type tops back in the day
    Just hated snapping or hooking them. But they did stay tucked in and smooth!

  2. I've actually used those tiny suspenders that are meant to hold bedsheets in place to clip the front of my tank to the back between my legs — this is better.

  3. I love these type clothing hacks. Would love to hear more problem solving tips in the future. I always have this issue with tanks. (Usually) I just got a new one from Duluth that’s a self-bra style. And they make them longer and firmer. And so far it’s the best one I’ve had.

  4. whoa, the universe syncs us together! i just recently fell in love with some shelf bra tank tops from Uniqlo but am frustrated with how they ride up easily, depending on my outfit. thanks for sharing this!!

  5. Good tip! I also highly recommend Skinnytees. They have longer tanks that hug you and the stay! Tons of colors and styles now. QVC has some deals.

  6. Great tip! I wonder though if I can just buy a silicon band somewhere to lay over underwear I already own, since I'd rather not have to buy new underwear.

  7. that is such a simple but genius way to go about it. I love layering my pieces but I always hate when tanks scrunch up and ruin the silhouette. I bet this would work the same way if we added some silicone lines to the tanks instead of the underwear… I might have to try that with a tank soon to see if it works just as well. Thanks for the tip 🙂

  8. Before the underwear chat, did you cut your hair, Bailey?! I didn't think you wear extensions, but maybe??? Okay, the underwear. Let's get a little personally awkward. I'm such a granny nanny wearing plain cotton low-rise briefs because I like cotton against my skin and don't want anything getting a free ride on me. : / I really do want a panty without the line, but I'm afraid of the garment not being breathable. SO, how much do you enjoy your Target undergarments?? Do you highly recommend? THANK YOU! PS: great nails, as per yuze.

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