How To Make Paper Using Your Old Jeans - Paper Making - Colouricious

How To Make Paper Using Your Old Jeans – Paper Making – Colouricious

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How To Make Paper Using Your Old Jeans – Paper Making – Colouricious

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Learn how to make your own handmade paper using jeans or old denim with Jonathan Korejko who shows you how you can expand on traditional paper making using denim and explores other possibilities such as machine embroidery.
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40 thoughts on “How To Make Paper Using Your Old Jeans – Paper Making – Colouricious”

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  2. I am just preparing to start paper making. I have ordered some couching paper. He seems to be using some sort of fabric. Can anyone advise me about this? Is there couching fabric?
    Thanks for your time. Kerry

  3. That liquidizer is called a blender. Why are you calling it a liquidizer lol. Never heard a blender called that before.

  4. Liquidizer..lmao…you'd think this guy was a millennial…I posted a YouTube video therefore I'm a writer, director, producer, actor, singer, personality, celebrity..I put stuff in a blender..I'm must be social because I want to special so I'll call it a liquidizer

  5. I found this looking for a way to breakdown my dressmaking scraps into fibers that can be carded, spun and woven into new fabrics. This gives me ideas! Thank you very much for this video.

  6. Sir it's ossam today you gave me my dream that's what I was wondering about yourself to make new recycle products out of paper thank you.

  7. Excellent tutorial! Concise, to the point and fun especially considering it appears to be done as a spur of the moment video! Simple to figure the different words for the same object by the way :-).

  8. Howdy, thank you for this wonderful demonstration — never would've thought this could be done with pieces of denim – nice hat too

  9. Im now going to call blenders liquidizers not only because it sounds cooler but to annoy language Nazis like the ones below. Also I call lighters lightration devices. is it correct? Nope. Do i care? nope

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