Good Profit Items That Always Sell on eBay

Good Profit Items That Always Sell on eBay

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Here are the items that we use daily for all of our storage, and shipping.
(We may get a small commission from these links)
Small Postcard Sleeves:
Large Postcard Sleeves:
Card Dividers For The BIN Container:
Large Jewelry 3” X 4” Zip lock storage bags:
Small Jewelry 2” X 2” Zip lock storage bags:
Comic Book, Magazine Bags, Clothing & small format Sheet Music Bags:
Large Format Sheet Music, Books, Clothing, atc. Bags:

Some of the Mailing Supplies We Use:
2″ Table Top Tape Dispenser:
2” Tape For Dispenser Above:
6″ X 9″ poly mailing bags:
10” X 14” & Larger Poly Mailing Bags:
Top Loaders For Postcards or Small Paper Items:
Jewelers Loope
DREAME 30X 60X LED Lighted Illuminated Jewelers Eye Loupe
Beileshi 40X Magnification Loupe Jewelry Magnifier Folding Glass Lens

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