Garage Sales & Thrift Stores! Stuff That Sells On eBay!

Garage Sales & Thrift Stores! Stuff That Sells On eBay!

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Just some finds from going to garage sales and thrift stores.

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20 thoughts on “Garage Sales & Thrift Stores! Stuff That Sells On eBay!”

  1. Hey quick question for you off topic of this video but it’s the first screen that opened up for me: if there is a public online auction at a local school with computer and scanner and document camera type things on it and the comps for the majority of what is on there that I actually looked up are $3600 +. I know as the bidding gets hot and heavy toward closing time , but what would be the most you would spend for something like that.? I know there is a personal comfort zone etc. and no two people are alike but non withstanding that , the many sold comps on used items of these are what I’m going by.

  2. Great advice on looking at the active listings as well as the solds! Many new resellers do not take the time and then wonder why an item sits forever. Understanding the sold 'temperature' as well as the current competition. This is very true for some of the more saturated clothing brands without a doubt.

  3. 11:38 had me cracking up! So true 🙂

    The guy dancing in the pink is doing like a indian rain dance. I would say he's doing this for good finds to come his way at Goodwill or perhaps for Goodwill to drop thier prices one day.

  4. Hey how's it going iv been viewing your video's for day's now very interesting what you made me open my eye's to a new future to come for me.thanks to you and your wife. I made a lot of money on ebay with in 30days. I do yard selling but like I said thanks for opening my eye's. Thank you so much for your video's. I'm ROMEO

  5. For sure about not giving up when the GS app doesn't pan out.

    Interesting part of the story is the day I went garage sale hunting there was two listed Sales on the app in that neighborhood and I went to both of them and they both were terrible nothing at all. So on my way home I passed this little yard sale sign in front of a yard with this couple sitting out front. I actually went past it because it looked very small and I thought it would be just another bummer but I turned around.
    I bought this set of 36 Japanese Ranma1/2 illustrated story books , printed in English, in very, very good condition I don’t think most of them were ever even read. I got them for $9.75 total and sold them six days after I put them on for $200 plus shipping.

    Yay me ….. You guys ROCK by the way………..

  6. Goodwill in the midwest was fiiiiire right now. I got a stack of vv at $5 a pop. I kive right in the middle of two goodwill networks

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