Fujifilm X-T3: Using vintage lenses and manual focusing options

Fujifilm X-T3: Using vintage lenses and manual focusing options

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This video is aimed at those who want to mount vintage lenses on their Fujifilm X-T3 cameras for the first time. Richard shows how you can mount the lenses and the in-camera settings you will need to change. After that there is discussion on each of the manual focus assist features – how they work and how they can help.


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18 thoughts on “Fujifilm X-T3: Using vintage lenses and manual focusing options”

  1. 0:00 – Intro

    0:47 – Mount Adapters

    1:43 – 'Shoot Without Lens' Setting

    2:29 – 'Mount Adapter' Setting

    3:50 – No In-Camera Stabilisation/Shutter Speed Selection

    4:47 – Magnified View

    5:34 – Manual Focus Assist Settings

    5:47 – Digital Split Image

    6:35 – Digital MicroPrism

    7:35 – Focus Peaking

    9:41 – Outro and Thank you!

  2. Thanks for your tips I’m old canon auto focus addict and I’ve just switch to Fuji mirrorless so I’d like to dive in a manual lens world

  3. Great tip to set cam to B&W and then use focus peaking — should work w/shooting raw (to keep colors and accurate manual focus via peaking), but viewing in B&W. Correct?

  4. in mount adapter settings the display is limited to 6 focal lengths , i'm guessing i'm limited to those 6 focal lengths , also how does focusing system factor in dimensions of different mounts , or does that not matter ? i'm obviously confused how the camera can factor mount dimensions into manual focusing , thank you

  5. I am new to Fujifilm but the XT3 will be my first Fujifilm camera I currently shoot with Canon and was wondering if you know of a reliable adapter so I could use my Canon lens. By the way subscribing and I love the video very knowledgeable straightforward and you had just made me more excited to purchase this camera. Hope to hear from you thank you.

  6. When you want to take full advantage of old manual lenses, than you can buy an a7 for 1/2 the price or used for 1/3 the price of an xt3

  7. Thanks for the video.
    I shoot mainly with vintage lenses (mostly Fuji) with an X-E1.
    I've been thinking about getting another more modern fuji body, as the X-E1 only has white peaking and I sometimes struggle to focus with this.
    I think the yellow and red would be much better, especially the red with black and white.
    The question I have is, which body to go for?
    Something hardly anybody seems to talk about in the reviews of the X-T3 (and I've watched loads!) is how much better ithe EVF is when compared to the lower resolution one, when it comes to using vintage lenses?
    Is it worth getting an X-T3 over previous models for the higher resolution viewfinder or not?
    Thanks for any opinions on this.

  8. From the perspective of an XT2 stills shooter this video is strange. I mean for me AF is the only but also tje very significant advantage the T3 has ovet the T2…

  9. I love wide angle lenses, and there are plenty of amazing vintage one. The trouble is that on the Fuji sensor they stop being wide angle.
    Sony came to the rescue with its A7III

  10. I like the effort Fuji put into this aspect of the camera, pretty sure there's lots of younger photographers bemused by the notion of manual focus:), I only say this because I was teaching recently and asked people using Sony's, Nikon's, Canon's etc what direction to turn their focussing if a model was walking towards them, (without looking at their cameras), suffice to say none had a clue, understandable really but it was fun to see.

  11. Can you share what’s the mount adapter that you are using? And I can’t wait for the video on mount adaptors. Looking for one for my Fuji Cam

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