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Getting a few MYSTERY boxes of Flea Market goods from our friends and we couldn’t wait to see what was inside them!!! Remember to do what you LOVE in this life because your experiences can never be taken away from you!

30 thoughts on “FLEA MARKET MYSTERY BOXES!! What’s Inside?!?!”

  1. Tuck and Sammie: Great, great goodie scores! Don't forget to sage that stuff. I always thought the Prairie Belt kid looked like Beaver Cleaver! Sammie: The new hair style looks awesome! So stylish. Have a great weekend. Yeeewwwww!!!!

  2. I’m a twin and my brother and I had a set of Christmas stockings like that…
    That really brought back a few memories

  3. Sammy, Sammy, Sammy, love the curly hair! It looks awesome on you! Tucker, most shelters aren't allowed to take expired food. But your heart is in the right place. Love the boxes of goodies.

  4. Tucker dude that christmas stocking is worth antique money i am 50 in 5 days and have had 1 exactly like it since i was a baby

  5. I copied the free patterns and am looking forward to using them. Thank you for providing these. Now for the fun!

  6. Love riding my mc down country roads just having that moment to myself , smelling all the earthy smells, while the wind rushes past you, you are right , its just the greatest feeling ever

  7. Yeah you feel a sense of freedom but once you get some riding experience you will soon realize you have to be a defensive rider as well! Yewww Yewww

  8. Only 282 more to 30k. LETS GET IT. For 30k we gotta see a Wheelie from you on the bike. Im sure that falls into the " Sonething ive never done" category

  9. Old school viewer! Much love… Happy New Year!! We are moving cross country to Florida. Our home will always be open to you in Port Saint Louis Fort Pierce area. Hopefully Hutchington island xxoo Love Yewwwww

  10. tucker and sammie, let everyone know that youtube took you off my subscribed and notice list. I had to find you again and click to subscribe and get notifications. Why does youtube do that?! missed you all.

  11. I remember riding motorcycle when I was in sixth grade it was a new world that opened up and it was just your world when you rode super memories turner yeeeewwww!!!!!

  12. I love that comment about no one being able to take the experience away. I had a motorcycle for 8 years, but had to sell it due to financial reasons. I miss it, and I often think about rides i took, and rallies I went too, and I too feel that no one can take those memories away and I am grateful for having had the opportunity. Good luck, and be careful out there! Wear a helmet, get some other protective gear if you can.

  13. happy new year sammie , tucker and everyone watching. i had the same feeling as a kid on my mini bike and when i use to surf, ITS FREEDOM.

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