28 thoughts on “Emperor Extrait by Parfums Vintage Fragrance Review”

  1. I always wanted to get into this house but I keep on forgetting to buy it or I put it off. Funny video my dude keep it up

  2. I got a sample of both emperor and emperor extrait a few weeks ago and both are great….extrait lasts easily 12-15 hours on my clothes which is bonkers to me….my aventus lasts 5 hours max it's pathetic….great review spot on

  3. I picked up Emperor. Extrait was richer and longer lasting but I felt that Emperor projected more and I got a good 9 hours. I agree that this is full on Aventus and better than the 2016 – 2018 batches. I feel that these Emperors are like the 2013 – 2015 batches in terms of balance and stronger than most of those batches. I'll pick up the Extrait too next month because I just loved smelling that stronger richer Aventus – really vibrant and long lasting. I know already when a cologne is this vibrant in the winter that it's going to be fire in the spring and summer. Thanks for the video

  4. Nice review Playa. However, enough all ready with all the Aventus clones. I have PVI and Armarf club nuit man and get crazy compliments with those two. Thanks but no thanks

  5. Got my bottle of Emperor today and it’s amazing, amazing.

    Can’t talk about performance yet, however smell is perfection to me.

    This is more of a like for like interpretation of Aventus vs all PV’s previous iterations which amped up certain notes (pineapple, birch, vanilla etc).

    My search is now complete.

  6. Idk, too many Aventus clones from this house. Their prices have been steadily rising as well. I have Aventus (excellent but almost out), Club de Nuit (Very Good), and Alexandria Brazilia Prive (disappointing) so I will wait a bit before getting another Aventus clone.

  7. holy sheet is that right?:)195 dollars a bottle?fkn crrrraaaazzzzzyyyy…when clones cost that much ,forget it.i pay 30 euro for 30ml of aventus.so i could pick 6×30 ml of 6 diffrent batches for the same price as the parfums vintage bottle and have near 200 mls instead of 100 ml:)

  8. This is some amazing juice. Picked mine up last week and it's straight up Aventus. I got the regular Emperor and get 10 hours and a good 4 hours of great projection

  9. Dope video again as always! Which one you/your girl like more? Im guna get pvi or emperor extrait not sure which one tho. This respond will help tho lol.

  10. I sampled Emperor and it projected better but I'm happy with the Extrait projection. I think these will be great in the Spring as it's Freezing now

  11. Do you think the regular Emperor might be worth picking up since it might project a little further?…I'm getting low on PVI and vanilla intense so I need to pick up one of them

  12. Dan, you hit it out-of-the-park, on this review and comparison. Had Aventus and loved the scent, but didn't last at all on my skin. Purchased PVI after testing a sample and never looked back.

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