DIY Meghan Markle Style Dress

DIY Meghan Markle Style Dress

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Hey friends, Today I will show you how I recreated the long sleeve black dress that The Duchess of Sussex wore recently. This is one of her most stylish look. I totally love Meghan Markle style. Last video I asked you guys which dress I should recreate. Majority of you chose this outfit and I am very happy with it because this dress is also my favorite and I would love to add it in my wardrobe. This sewing project was very easy if you have the basic bodice patterns and sleeve patterns already. The bottom of the dress is a flared A-line skirt that is very easy to make as well. I hope you like this tutorial and I am so happy I was able to recreate this for you. #meghanmarkle #meghanmarklestyle


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10 thoughts on “DIY Meghan Markle Style Dress”

  1. I think it’s a beautiful dress, you look fabulous wearing it. But please can you turn the music down a little. Love your videos you make designing look so easy. Hugs xx

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