Decluttering January | Bohemian Bedroom | Episode 2

Decluttering January | Bohemian Bedroom | Episode 2

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We’ve made it to decluttering January episode 2 in which I’ll be decluttering my bohemian bedroom with you, mostly decluttering my clothes and jewllery, which I both have a lot of! I hope that you will enjoy watching me get rid of old clothes and vintage pieces.
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18 thoughts on “Decluttering January | Bohemian Bedroom | Episode 2”

  1. I used to be in exactly the same situation when I didn't even know what I own. It's a sign of having too much stuff so I'm really happy for you for decluttering! It's such a freeing thing and it's a great feeling to know where everything is and that all the stuff you have has a function. The next big step then is to learn how not to buy anything ;D Unless you really need something ofcourse. It's a tricky thing but otherwise you will soon be in the same situation again.
    We westernes really are brought up in the mindset that we need to constantly buy things to feel good but it's an endless road that never leads to happiness.

  2. You should really declutter after the Konmari Methode. I recently did that and it was amazing! My room and daily life has Never been so clear and easy

  3. i love black sweaters. I looked on your shop but i dont see stuff yet. You must be photographing.omg my bad Elise you just put this video up.I am like a week ahead in my head lol.

  4. OMG I would love to buy the green dress with the peacock print !! Is it already on the Website? Can't see it yet. :((( <3

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