December 2018: What Have I Been Making?

December 2018: What Have I Been Making?

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Lisa Comfort Long Sleeve Cardigan

1940’s Wrap Dress
In Viscose Crepe

Ava Skirt
In Stretch Corduroy

In Stretch Knit

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18 thoughts on “December 2018: What Have I Been Making?”

  1. Just FYI harnesses actually encourage dogs to pull more. We took our Dane to an off leash training and we were using one because of that. He said it encourages pulling.

  2. I don’t know about thermal slip but I have thermal tights and they’re amazing. They keep my legs so warm. As for the second needle cord fabric, I have it and it’s a dream. So soft and drapey. I highly recommend it.

  3. I have the cream cable all cut out ready to do the molly dress and was waiting to see what it made up like before I carried on.Worried now it won’t work

  4. Have you tried John Lewis thermal leggings? They are more like footless tights and are really warm. Particularly with warm socks inside boots

  5. I love your flowered wrap dress! I have the knitted fabric and have been looking for a pattern that would work for it. Thank you for the tips. I just signed up for the PDF club again and am looking forward to the new patterns. I sent a detailed email to [email protected] yesterday – please read and consider the possibilities! New Years hugs and best wishes to you and your staff. Hi to Rosie too!

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