Crossdressers That Would Pass as a Woman in Public

Crossdressers That Would Pass as a Woman in Public

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Would these crossdressers pass in public? What do you think? Tell us in the comments below.

This channel expresses the glamour, the femininity, the style, the grace and the beauty in both genders.

23 thoughts on “Crossdressers That Would Pass as a Woman in Public”

  1. Beauty is still beauty no matter how you pee. Women and crossdressers both go through the effort of looking pretty for the world to see. I think we owe them gratitude for it. I love them all.


  3. Some of them are (somewhat)pretty, some of them are not pretty at all but they all have one thing in common, they certainly would not pass as women in public.

  4. Either Anne Hathaway, Natalie Portman and Samantha Cameron (wife of former UK primeminister David Cameron) have crossdresser lookalikes or photos of them crept in.

  5. Don't know how much the person naming this title had to drink, but fuck no. You can totally see they still look (and are) male…

  6. I remember during my freshman year of high school my friend Dana an I got this idea for me to dress as a girl. I remember we had it planned for the first two weeks of school so nobody got suspicious and the cover story as to where I was the first two weeks was I was sick and in the hospital. My parents and her parents worked together and they had a two week business trip so I stayed at Dana's and the neighbor would check in on us once and a while to make sure we were ok. So, since Dana and I were about the same size we were both only 5'1 and she was 110 pounds and I was 108 pounds I was able to fit in her clothes. She let me borrow a couple of head bands, a couple of scrunchies for my hair, a couple choker necklaces, a couple bracelets, a couple rings, pair of jeans a pair of black cargo pants, a pair of black leather pants, a pair of track pants, a pair of plaid flannel pants, a pair of camouflage pants a pair of shorts, a black leather skirt, a regular black skirt, a jean skirt, a black and plaid skirt, a red sweat shirt, a couple of t-shirts, a couple of tank tops, a red turtleneck, a red wool pea coat, a
    couple of belts, a pair of sneakers, a pair of black knee high boots, one of
    her old purses, and wallets, and a messenger bag to carry my school stuff. She
    brought me a couple cheap bras and panties, fishnet, black, and skin color
    panty hos, make up kit, perfume, fake finger nails with red nail polish , and hoop earrings that you don't need your ear pierced to wear and I used two socks for breasts. We lived in Bloomington, Minnesota and I went by the name Sierra Pennington and used the story that I was a new girl in school and I moved in from Los Angeles, California. Dana would help me get dressed every morning mostly with the nails and make up since I had no clue how to put it on. I already had long hair and I knew how to put it up in a pony tail. Dana straightened my hair for me so it would look more feminine. Luckily my voice was a little high pitched at that time, and that the bus would pick us up from a common area and not each individual house, and I shared her locker for those two weeks because if I used my locker it might of gave away my cover. The cool thing was we pulled it off and no one was suspicious. I just did everything as planned I would always answer to the name Sierra, I used the girls rest room and I would always sit so not to raise suspicion, I would walk and stand like a girl and I would sit with my legs crossed especially when I wore the skirts. Even for gym class I pulled it off I would change in the stalls of the girl’s locker room and I would just use the story that I was self conscious. There were. Two times where I thought my cover was going to be blown but we were able to keep it under wraps. The one was one of the girls had asked me why I was wearing a winter coat because it was kind of warm but kind of cool but I was able to pass it off as being from Southern California and I wasn't used to the Minnesota weather and that I was cold, and the girl completely believed it. The second one was the closest I remember I had on the red head band with my hair up in a pony tail and a red scrunchie on, I had on blush, blue eye shadow and red lipstick on, also had a black chocker necklace on, the hoop ear rings, I had on a red t-shirt with a black tank top on under the shirt with my straps actually sticking out, I had on the black leather skirt, with a red belt with studs, the black fishnet stockings on, and the black knee high boots on. This guy was talking to me and right as he left I felt this person grab me and out of reflex and thinking it was a boy I slapped the person and yelled get off of me now. I then get slammed into the lockers and slapped really hard and now I realize it's a girl. She says are you
    flirting with my boyfriend and are you trying to steal him from me. I could
    tell this girl was stronger than me and if I tried to fight her that this girl was going to beat the crap out of me and it would blow my cover. So she was getting
    pissed at this point and she was in my face yelling at me to answer her, I was
    so stressed at this point one not wanting her to hurt me and two not wanting my
    cover to be blown. So I did the only thing I could think of which was the girl
    thing and I started to freaking cry and I said I'm sorry and I wasn't flirting
    with him or trying to steal him. I said he was talking to me and I didn't know
    because I was new and he didn't say he had a girlfriend. She let me go but was
    still looking at me pissed. I said I promise I won't talk to him anymore and
    please don't hurt me. She then said ok I'll accept that for now bitch but now
    that you know he's taken if I ever catch you talking to him again I will beat
    the crap out of you and you tears will not work next time Blondie understand me. I said yes I know you will. She then walked away from me and I walked away and ran into Dana and I was shaking at that point that's how scared I was and knew how close my cover came to getting blown. I told her what happened and Dana gave me a big hug and after a while we started laughing about it but it was nerve racking. After two weeks I went back to dressing and being a boy and people still talked about the person but never knew where "she" went or who "she" was. I mean to this day no one we went to school knew it was me dressed like a girl. Dana and I still talk about it sometimes amongst the two of us to this day and still can't believe it worked.

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