Chinese Hairstyles Through the Dynasties

Chinese Hairstyles Through the Dynasties

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Here’s are the different hairstyles Chinese people had throughout history.

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41 thoughts on “Chinese Hairstyles Through the Dynasties”

  1. Its a bad idea. At that time it probably cost %20 energy to maintain the hair. If you take %20 off already dirt poor people's income they're going to end up shitty poor. Perhaps contribute to the Manchu's…

  2. I'm maintaing a healthy beard. My hair is long and shiny all the way over my shoulders. I get compliments from both men and women.
    Trust me, asians can rock the long hair look.

  3. I guess bald guys would love the Qing Dynasty hair style, it would hide the flaw, and since you are bald, also save the trouble of shaving the head so often. perfect!

  4. How does anyone know what Cao Cao look like with that cartoon? That's like the Swedish cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad. These cartoons look like any random, ancient Chinese or Arabic/Persian person. Nothing unique. Now if Cao Cao had a long, thick Chinese dick or 3 and a half horns on his head then that would stand out because nobody else had that feature(s).

  5. another reason why chinese are gods chosen people,

    samson was a great hero in the bible who never cut his hair,

    when he was tricked to cut his hair by a woman he lost all his strength and had his eyes cut out,

    when his hair grew back he had the strength of many men and destroyed the two pillars killing his enemies

  6. I loved the hairstyles
    I wish I lived back then
    I absolutely LOVE long hair, my dad always ask me to cut my hair at least once a week and I always say NO

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