Bluetooth & Retro, the Rymek Mechanical Keyboard (review)

Bluetooth & Retro, the Rymek Mechanical Keyboard (review)

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Rymek Keyboard is a retro typewriter style Bluetooth keyboard made for Mac and Windows. The mechanical keys are great to type on and have lighting effects.

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24 thoughts on “Bluetooth & Retro, the Rymek Mechanical Keyboard (review)”

  1. You said piece of art instead of piece of shit.

    The cheapest keyboard I've ever seen. You'd find those parts in a Christmas cracker.

  2. So, they've ordered a bunch of hellboy mx520's, rebranded it, upped the price and now try to sell them as their own product?
    Where I live, we call that a blatant scam.

  3. It looks like the PgDn key is accidently inserted upside down (180deg).
    Pop it off and insert it the right way. 🙂

  4. A useful unbiased review. As a rule, I wouldn't use devices like this that are tailored for Mac / i-products. All the same, an interesting piece of hardware.
    It would appeal more to Windows users if the CMD keys were configurable… even better, as the keys can be removed, why not provide additional keys that can be swapped in and configured for Windows?
    Thanks 🙂

  5. Good review, thanks for this! I was wondering about the battery. I just backed this on Indiegogo and was searching for YouTube videos of it.

  6. For the handle, please insert it and when you hear a click sound, that means you've installed it well. Thanks for your excellent review!

  7. This is similar to the Qwerkywriter. The clack sound is not great, and avoidable with o-rings or pads, but the styling is nice. I wish keyboard makers would do something constructive with LEDs, like create context-aware lighting for whatever program I'm in.

  8. I like the idea of this keyboard, but your excellent review convinced me that I would not enjoy it. The primary reason is the placement of Windows keys that I use frequently. Thanks for another great review!

  9. Great review! I spent a lot of years typing on the older keyboards which had the tactile feeling. You had to use a different kind of tapping, harder, then you do on the newer flat, low profile keyboards. I always am hitting the key too hard because that kind of pressure and rhythm seems to have been embedded in my brain. On my job (newspaper) you could hear everyone typing, but the sound blended into the background. But for people now, it would be annoying because they aren't use to it. I'd like to try this keyboard. Very nice.

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