OUTFIT DOCUMENTARY Official Full Movie 2015 (New Movie about Vintage Fashion)

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Why do many of us wear pajamas to do errands or to school?
Why do many young men sag their pants, and young women flash too much skin?

This is the official full movie of Outfit Documentary that explores the answer to these questions. Outfit is a new homemade documentary that explores why many Americans tend to dress less conservatively, and lazily, and how vintage-style clothing shows more class and character.

Image-driven, the film explores the classic trendy fashion elements from the 1920’s until the 1990’s. Topics explored include feminism and taking fashion for granted.

Featuring: Music artist, IceDude (Ivan Arrington) and model, Angelique Noire.

Directed & Produced by Berylanne Lynch
Produced by B-Anne Productions

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Email: “[email protected]

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