18 thoughts on “Another Goodwill Jewelry Jar/ Collaboration with Anita Funita, Top 10 jewelry Finds of 2018”

  1. I must say, your nails are really beautiful. If they are natural its very impressive, Is it really you in the profilepic?

  2. Hi the green stone ring at the end is Avon and is suppose to be Jade!!! My Mother use to have that ring that is why I recognized it!!!

  3. Yay luv both of you ladies it's a great idea! I'm going to try to submit a video . I said the same thing that it might be hard to pick ten out of all the stuff I have here. lol Looking forward to seeing all the videos. Your jars are all usually great I can imagine how difficult it was for you . I know Faery Vixen gonna love that fox cuff lol

  4. I remember back in the day, my grandmother would wrap a bandaid or two around a ring to make it fit better.. no money to go get it sized. Next best thing

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