A DAY IN MELBOURNE | DAISO HAUL Vintage Clothing &Pigeons

A DAY IN MELBOURNE | DAISO HAUL Vintage Clothing &Pigeons

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Come into the city with me today to have brunch in Melbourne, I head to daiso to help get rid of my pigeon problem and more! A day in my life in Melbourne!

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39 thoughts on “A DAY IN MELBOURNE | DAISO HAUL Vintage Clothing &Pigeons”

  1. if you happen to have essential oils laying around you can just refill those aroma bottles with some of the oils and water and it pretty much works exactly the same. i just shake up the water a little to be extra sure when turning the sticks over.

  2. Daiso ! That is one of the store I miss the most about Japan. I was going there almost every days when I was in JP (was there for 6 months). You can find everything …stationnary, snacks, etc. I'm so sad that we dont have daiso in Quebec. Dollorama are NOTHING compared to Daiso. I agree that the australian daiso seems to have the same stock then in Japan. I spotted a few things I saw in JP. I went to Korean Daiso and it was quite different too.

  3. You should measure a certain section of your hair or measure your uncoloured roots, so you know your hair growth progress. What I find really helpful is "great lakes gelatin" supplement or the "vital collagen" brand. You should look at some YouTube, iherb or amazon reviews!

  4. I swear I just miss you every time you are in the city. knowing that you go to places I always go to, makes me excited knowing that one day I'll eventually bump into you :3

  5. the cat and crow pigeon deterrents actually looked really cute XD I hope it works! please keep us updated with pigeon progress 😀

  6. Ah cool….you were in the 'Nicholas Building' Bi! My friend has a studio in there (she's a jeweller). So many cool artisan spaces. Up until a couple of years ago, the lifts/elevators were manned by an old (kooky) lady who pinned up photos of her dogs & family from floor to ceiling! Omg so much bird poop!

  7. While Bii was reaching for the white and green fur coats I was yelling don't do it Bii! Don't do it! lol

  8. Vintage shopping and wandering around Daiso sums up many of our weekends haha There's so many cool vintage shops in Melbourne. My fave is the one downstairs opposite Flinders Station.

  9. The pigeon problem is real. Hope it works out, or you'll have to get screens, or something.

    Totally off-topic, but: have you checked out Eunice's vlog? She misses you, Bii! Come back to Korea! Or maybe she can visit Melbourne.

  10. I love vintage clothing so much! I know she showed most of the names of the stores but does anyone know the names of the stores she didn't show the names of? That little café street looked so cute too. Thank you!

  11. "Look at them, they just come here at night when I'm sleeping and shit their pants." LOL I literally died of laughter.. Love you Bii! <3

  12. Are you being socially responsible by buying all these clothes? Think about the stores you're supporting and where they are sourcing the cotton and labor for these pieces of clothing. This type of consumerism isn't sustainable for the future of the world.

  13. omg hope it works that looks like a mess on the floor out there~i like daiso too can just find anything cheap ! goodnight bii:)

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