18 thoughts on “26 Gorgeous Vintage Photos of Women of Color From the Victorian Era”

  1. They didn't smile cause most were serve ts are slaves poor beautiful ladies that's how it was so devistating to color people back than still can't believe they were treated like animals it huts my heart ❤️

  2. Such lovely photos. The outfits always amaze me. All the workmanship that goes into each piece is mind boggling. The women of that era were so poised and classy to. Being a lady meant something. Unlike today. Beautiful photos.

  3. "26 Gorgeous Vintage Photos of Women of Color From the Victorian Era".

    Pure Loveliness!

    Look at their beauty, grace, and femininity, and contrast it with the androgynous ugliness of modern women today. One must also praise the truly remarkable DIGNITY displayed by these ladies!

    Go to any workplace (now thoroughly infested with "career-women"!), or college campus to see the mortifying difference-especially where "women of color" are concerned. Appalling retrogression has occurred! This must stop!

    What a difference a mere four or five generations makes.

    Where do our hateful and disgusting modern women (both white women and women of color) go from here? I don't know, but embrace your femininity-if you have any-and lose the feminism. Feminism is cancer!
    Women can once again become actual ladies, NOT horrid harpies from HELL!

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