10 Insane Wrestling Moves AJ Styles Doesn't Do Anymore

10 Insane Wrestling Moves AJ Styles Doesn’t Do Anymore

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AJ Styles is possibly the best worker in the world but here are 10 insane moves he doesn’t do anymore.

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48 thoughts on “10 Insane Wrestling Moves AJ Styles Doesn’t Do Anymore”

  1. Could see him pull out a spiral tap at a big Ppv title match. He does still do the styling DDT even on smackdown shows. The rest are a mixture of wwe won’t allow it and the guys 41 years old. My favourite wrestler

  2. I remember when he did the front flip in TNA on ABYSS at the pay per view named locked down. Where he went through the cage on to ABYSS. Lock down 2005

  3. Would like to correct on that discus lariat. When he does those quick strikes like the one he knocked out Miz's tooth with he ends with a spinning lariat

  4. You are really up to date with WWE , because Styles still does his Stylin DDT, he did it on Samoa Joe few weeks ago in a episode of Smackdown.

  5. Defo used the brain buster just on occasion. And the shooting star was never a regular move. And the shooting star wasn't banned. C'MON!

  6. Could be wrong but I'm pretty sure a clothesline is when the person holds their arm straight out to the side and a lariat is pretty much anything like that without the arm held straight out. Fun fact. The clothesline from hell isn't a clothesline

  7. You do realise the guy is in his 40s, I think he wants to preserve his body so he doesn’t completely breakdown before he is 50

  8. Even Bourne did the shooting star press in 2010?? He attempted to do it on Randy Orton on raw before it was countered into an RKO so it wasn't banned

  9. wwe probly won't allow him doing every move they have become sensitive lately. LOL I said it can't have it turning awsome again like Tna, wcw, ecw, all at once that would be a crime

  10. I still haven't lost hope that we will see AJ at some point bring back The Spiral Tap for at least one match in WWE!!!

    4:32 = What is he talking about??? AJ still breaks out The Stylin' DDT every now & than in WWE, sure he doesn't do it regularly like he used to but he still uses it occasionally!!! The theme of this list is moves that AJ doesn't do any more period & The Stylin' DDT definitely doesn't fall into that category!!!

  11. The Spiral Tap is a Corkscrew Swanton Bomb, so you rotate 270° forward whilst rotating 540° sideways around yourself in a Corkscrew Motion

  12. HE DOESN'T DO IT CUZ WWE THINKS IT'S TOO EXTREME. Jeff Hardy doesn't do everything he did in TNA. In other businesses Randy Orton's "RKO" is a regular move called a cutter. They take normal moves from other businesses, water them down and make them finishers. Likewise, they take great talent and also water it down or ignore them, put them in the lower to mid cards.

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